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    Two DVD sets full of excellent insight into starting and running a business. Help grow your business in 2016 with these great DVDs.

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    Start the Year Off with This Deal!
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    Would you like to support the mission of helping families and individuals establish, integrate and operate the family economy to the glory of God? We invite you to consider making a financial investment in this work.

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    AME Blog
    A place for sharing, growing
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    your family economy, business
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    Apprenticeship. Mentorship.

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    AME Blog
  • AME Dinner Series DVD

    Candid conversations among men who are engaging and, by God’s grace, prevailing in the battle for their own family economies. See and hear more than 4 hours of stories of their successes and failures, struggles and victories, the strategies they employ and the lessons they have learned.

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    AME Dinner Series DVD
  • Marketing Your Business in the Online Age

    Customers are the single most expensive component for any business to acquire. They are also the most valuable.Watch and listen as industry experts take you through The Nuts & Bolts of Marketing Your Business in the Online Age.

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    Marketing Your Business in the Online Age

Family Economy Story: Life on the Farm

My husband and I grew up in the suburbs. After we married, we moved with the military for over 20 years, and then we felt the Lord calling us to buy land in order to raise and teach our children how to work.

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Young Entrepreneur Testimony: The Value of Planning

By guest author Corey Cheney Always have a backup plan and consider the possible outcomes. So why am I talking about this? Well, because I didn’t during a recent shoot and almost lost video footage and a camera. Let me bring you up to speed.

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