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    Candid conversations among men who are engaging and, by God’s grace, prevailing in the battle for their own family economies. See and hear more than 4 hours of stories of their successes and failures, struggles and victories, the strategies they employ and the lessons they have learned.

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    Customers are the single most expensive component for any business to acquire. They are also the most valuable.Watch and listen as industry experts take you through The Nuts & Bolts of Marketing Your Business in the Online Age.

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    Marketing Your Business in the Online Age

4 Secrets for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Guest post by Daniel Craig I wasn’t your ideal homeschool kid. Believe me. In fact, you’ve probably heard the breathtaking stories of amazingly disciplined 10-year-old “wonder children” who wake up every morning eagerly waiting to propose their top 5 goals for the day, listed with A, B, C, D and E priorities. Unfortunately for my […]

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AME Q&A: I’m in college. Can I still be a part of AME?

You may think that apprenticeship and higher education are opposites – choose one or the other. But not so! Depending on your chosen field, a college education may be necessary, and that doesn’t leave mentorship out of it. Mentorship can happen concurrently with college studies, as it has for decades in fields such as law, […]

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