About AME

Many parents and young adults are discovering that most modern education systems are inadequate to prepare young people for professional careers. This discovery is leading many back to the age-old, tried-and-true method of an apprentice working alongside a master in a trade.

A Vision For Future Generations!

Realizing this, Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) founded the AME Program in 2007 to promote and facilitate apprenticeship, mentorship, and entrepreneurship opportunities for students.  While CHEC exists to help families primarily in the K-12 educational years, AME’s reach has expanded to include adults just out of high school and beyond.  AME desires to equip young people (and their mentors) to impact the world for Christ.

Our Mission

AME exists to help families in the practical application of Apprenticeship, Mentorship and Entrepreneurship as they establish, integrate and operate their family businesses to the glory of God.

What Does This Look Like?

Let’s say Josh is a 17 year old homeschool student, nearly finished with high school, and he’s interested in becoming a civil engineer.  Where should he start?

At AME, we think the first step is to find a godly, experienced civil engineer for Josh towork alongside. Perhaps Josh can work part-time under the engineer while pursuing his engineering degree at a college. Eventually, Josh starts up his own firm or joins that engineer’s business. Or, perhaps Josh realizes that civil engineering isn’t what he was looking for after all – and it didn’t take him four years of college and tens of thousands of dollars to figure it out!

Whatever the outcome, the young man experienced the real-life business world and was trained by an experienced master who focused on his character, skills, and understanding of the business, in addition to his academics.

The apprenticeship/mentorship model carries over into varies scenarios:

  • A father desires to find a mentor for his son who doesn’t have a specific career bent yet
  • A young lady wants to equip herself Proverbs 31/Titus 2 style for her own business or to assist in the family business
  • A young man is looking for mentorship in the corporate insurance field
  • And many more

We believe the tried and true method of being trained by a godly, experienced master is a wise decision for today’s young adults who are embarking on the path towards business ownership.

Where We Are

The AME Program online database now contains more than 800 mentors and apprentices throughout the United States and Europe.  They’re all part of a growing network of families who are seeking to apply biblical principles in life and career training.

AME is based out of Colorado.  In 2014, we opened an additional office in Kansas City.  We’re excited to be expanding to serve even more families throughout the country.

Read here about families across the country who are living out the apprenticeship, mentorship and entrepreneurship vision.  Also check out our partners.

What Now?

AME is seeking mentors and apprentices, both seeking to establish family businesses and economies, who are prepared to invest in the lives of one another.  Will you consider joining us?

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Finally, if you support this mission, please considering supporting AME through your donations.