About AME

A Vision For Future Generations!

Many parents and students are discovering that most modern education systems are inadequate in preparing young people for their professional career. This discovery is leading many back to the age-old, tried-and-true method of an apprentice working alongside a master in a trade.

Christian Home Educators of Colorado, which serves at least 45,000 homeschooled students across the Rocky Mountain Region, desires to promote life-preparation opportunities for students beyond K-12 education that will adequately prepare them for the calling God has upon their lives and thereby impacting the world for Christ.

Apprenticeship / Entrepreneurship

Let’s say a homeschool graduate at age 17 or 18 wants to become a civil engineer. At AME, we think the first step is to find a godly, experienced civil engineer that that young man can work alongside. Maybe he works part-time under that engineer as he pursues formal study at a college. Eventually, he starts up his own firm or joins that engineer’s business. Perhaps the young man realizes that civil engineering wasn’t what he was looking for after all (and it didn’t take him 4 years of college and tens of thousands of dollars to figure it out)!

Whatever the outcome, the young man had a chance to experience the real-life business world and be trained by an experienced master who will focus on his character, skills, and understanding of the business, in addition to his academics.

Similarly and as described in Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 a young woman can be apprenticed and mentored by an older woman in preparation for her father’s business as well as her own business and to help her husband when she marries.

Again, we think the tried and true method to learning the path to business ownership is to be trained by a godly, experienced master. AME is seeking mentors and apprentices who are prepared to invest in the lives of one another in seeking to establish more family businesses.