cfbaChristian Family Business Association

The vision of the CFBA is to assist and train Christian families to take dominion through the market place, teaching business and success principles to our young people, and linking Christians with true Christian businesses. How can we teach our children when we rise up and when we walk in the way and when we lie down if we are spending so much of that time away from them making a living? How can we integrate family and business? These are some of the questions we will be exploring. Whether you are already a business owner, or would like to be a full time or part time business owner for supplemental income, or would like your children to be, we believe the CFBA can be an important link for you.

Mission Statement

The vision of CFBA originated in the Denver metro area, and was to start taking dominion of the city for Christ thru apprenticing 200 families to own and operate their own family business. The CFBA offers a long term voluntary 2- 5 year apprentice program to disciple families who will then be trained to mentor other families in business, success and Godly principles of money management. We are looking for families who would like to join us in this endeavor either as sponsor families, or families desiring mentorship and fellowship in building a family business of their own. With the CFBA team of experienced business owners, there are many, many ideas of part time and full time businesses that your family can learn and be apprenticed in.

Mentors and Apprentices- Please apply through the AME registration process and then contact Dale Schamel, the Director of the CFBA, at



ASLAN Companies

ASLAN Companies is a multi faceted construction, development and investment firm that encompasses 3 core areas of business…..Invest, Design and Build. Our focus is to aid investors in all three areas as it pertains to a commercial projects and GREEN, energy efficient structures from homes to businesses. Our purpose is to bring Glory to God in the market place and to disciple young men that are interested in one of our three focuses and desire to Glorify God in their businesses.

Aaron Voorhees, ASLAN CEO, is an entrepreneur with 20 years of business experience. Track and apply for apprentice opportunities with ASLAN at




A privately-owned software development and consulting company, with offices in Edmonton, Alberta, and Denver, Colorado. Computronix delivers distinctive software solutions (POSSE) built upon an Oracle database. Our U.S. clients are government agencies who use it to perform regulatory, permitting, inspection, and enforcement functions.

Computronix (U.S.A.) periodically holds 2-week orientation courses providing an introduction to POSSE and allows both the Applicant and Computronix to evaluate whether this line of work may be a good fit for the Applicant. Upon acceptance into the main Bootcamp, the apprenticeship truly begins. The Apprentice undergoes an intense period of classroom and individual study, culminating in the final exam, in which the Apprentice builds a POSSE database from scratch and presents the solution to Computronix evaluators.Graduates of the Bootcamp begin to work on actual client projects and continue to develop their skills, with oversight from Computronix staff. The Apprentice role usually lasts 1–2 years, with a formal evaluation at the end of the first year. Compensation for Apprentices is an hourly wage, with significant performance and certification incentives built in to encourage growth and initiative on the part of the Apprentice.

Our website is Apprentices may apply through the AME registration process and then contact Joel George, Computronix (U.S.A.) Human Resources Representative, at



Blessed Creek Farm

Combining the study of four interrelated disciplines: Architecture, Agriculture, Construction, and Mechanics, BLESSED CREEK FARM’s AME program works through the four seasons of a sustainable family farm. Located on the high plains of northeast Colorado, the farm is about a 1.5 hour drive from Denver, and 2.5 hours from Fort Collins or Colorado Springs.


The year long program, comprised of four 8 week long semesters is led by Cary McMinn, Registered Architect, Master of Business Administration – Finance, retired college professor (25 years at the Art Institute of Colorado, Industrial Design and Interior Design programs) assisted by his adult son, Zane McMinn, himself a homeschool graduate who recently completed his own 4 year apprenticeship/mentorship/entrepreneurship program at BCF. The program is 2 days a week – Mondays and Tuesdays, so participants can pursue their other school or work endeavors the remaining days of the week. Participants need to arrive Monday morning by 8am, and may depart Tuesday evening between 5-7pm. As an alternative, they can arrive Sunday evening (carpool from the Castle Rock area is available) and leave Wednesday morning (carpool to the Elizabeth area is available). Interested applicants NOT from Colorado’s front range, should email Cary McMinn to discuss a different scenario.

The young men involved with the program live life with the McMinn family, working together through specific projects and farm chores, enjoying meals and evening leisure time as well. Participants learn valuable work skills in the four disciplines, as well as life skills required to lead a family, particularly in a rural farm setting.

Young men age 16 and up are encouraged to apply for this exciting and enjoyable opportunity to grow in the Lord, learn valuable skills, and live a disciplined yet very rewarding lifestyle that will contribute to their future success. Cost per semester is $1,000; $4,000 for the full year program. This fee includes tuition, room, and board. Payments should be made on the AME website. Scholarships and payment plans may be available by contacting Questions? Email Cary McMinn, RA, MBA at



Solar Ark Ministries

Jack Dody has been developing Appropriate Technologies for more than 35 years. He has trained missionaries serving in more than 100 countries. He and his wife live in an off-the-grid home that employs many of the appropriate technologies that he shares with his students. The writings and training manuals developed by Jack are available on-line at no charge at  Today Jack is training missionaries, homeschoolers and homesteaders so that they will be prepared to bring the love of Jesus to a hurting world in a practical way: building , growing and sharing. To apply for a mentorship please visit to complete the Apprentice application and then contact Jack at to let him know of your interest.


business_mentorship_programBusiness Mentorship Program Southeast

BMP Southeast is designed to be a Christ honoring program where young men work alongside Christian entrepreneurs to develop the skills required to run a business.


B – Business: The apprentice will spend countless hours learning how to run a business. Some apprentices will have entrepreneurial backgrounds, but most will not. These students will spend three years learning from their mentors and leave the program well equipped to take dominion in the business world for Christ.

M – Mentorship: The mentor is the Christian who has been there, done that in the business world. The goal of BMP Southeast is to use a variety of mentors to instill Christ honoring character into the apprentices giving them a host of experiences while working in several businesses.

P – Program: At BMP Southeast, we focus on the Hebraic model of education…by hands on learning. This is not an Academy, College, University, or any such entity. Here, we raise up entrepreneurs who will go out and own, manage, create, buy, and sell businesses. Some graduates will stick with a single home based business. Others will own and operate a multitude of businesses. All will leave thinking like an entrepreneur, which is nothing more than a Christ honoring steward of all that He has given him.

Southeast: As the word implies, our program is regional. Primarily located in Branchville, Alabama, just east of Birmingham, students will live and work with their mentors in the heart of the Southeast. With two extension sites in Tennessee and South Carolina, students will get the opportunity to live and work in these locations as well.

Interns will spend 3 years working alongside a variety of mentors. Every six months, the interns will rotate. Some will remain at the local Alabama campus, while some will move to the extension campuses in Tennessee and South Carolina.

Throughout their sixth month semester, each student will be exposed to all of the inner workings of each mentor’s business (or businesses). Interns will see a variety of phases, from start-ups, to continuing operations, and even the occasional sale or shutdown of a business.

There is no scripted plan of what will go on. Each entrepreneur will be operating in the real world, and each apprentice will be experiencing the real thing. To the maximum extent possible, each apprentice will see everything that goes on and be able to help make real-world decisions that will affect those businesses. It is a real-life laboratory with real-life results.

For the first two years, apprentices will rotate every six months, giving them four opportunities to learn from different entrepreneurs. For their third year, each apprentice will participate in the capstone event of the program – run an entire business with minimal oversight from the owner. Yes, that’s right…each apprentice gets an entire year to start or run a business with a mentor in the background to help.

And it gets better…upon successful completion of all three years, the entrepreneurs will work with the interns to get them up and running in their own businesses! We even have investors lined up who are ready and willing to invest in YOU!

For more information on how to enroll, please contact