AME Dinner Series DVD

Candid conversations among men who are engaging and, by God’s grace, prevailing in the battle for their own family economies. See and hear more than 4 hours of stories of their successes and failures, struggles and victories, the strategies they employ and the lessons they have learned:

  • Things they wish they knew when they started
  • Marketing, Advertising and Management Strategies They Use Daily
  • The List of Questions Every New Business Owner Should Ask

Gain from the wisdom and insight of 9 men who are engaged in the battle for the family economy.


The Business Course Mentor Version

If you are a business person or have a heart for mentoring then this version of the course is for you. Each of the 16 online sessions is divided into several parts so that you can lead a group through the course. A downloadable mentor manual gives you discussion questions to ask during each section of the sessions. This is a great way to help others learn how to start a business from concept to completion with your help, encouragement, and guidance. You don’t necessarily need to be a business expert, just someone that can be the shepherd over a flock of willing participants. Over 17 hours of HD Video teaching including covering these areas:

  • Why you should start a business?
  • How to choose a business if you don’t know what to do
  • How to legally structure your business
  • Basic business accounting, budgeting, and financial profitability
  • How to write a marketing plan to get customers to buy your products and services
  • How to build a website for your business for little to no money
  • Case study interviews with business owners and advice they have for you
  • and much more

The mentor version is sold on a per-mentor basis and you have lifetime access to the course to teach to as many small groups as you wish. There is no email tutoring included with this version.

Price $10 per month/$99

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AME Marketing Class DVD Set

The Nuts and Bolts of Marketing Your Business in the Online Age

Customers are the single most expensive component for any business to acquire. They are also the most valuable.Watch and listen as industry experts take you through The Nuts & Bolts of Marketing Your Business in the Online Age:

  • Acquiring and keeping customers through Branding, Marketing, Websites, SEO and Social Media
  • Branding your company and brand awareness
  • Website SEO: What is it? Why you need it. Where to get it
  • Advertising and marketing printed media and strategies
  • What are and how to use promotional products to grow your business
  • Other ways to build awareness and business
  • Strategies for becoming and staying memorable
  • How to earn loyal, repeat customers
  • Google, Facebook, Twitter — How do they work? How you can use them in your business

AME Nuts & Bolts DVD Case Set

The Nuts and Bolts of The Family Business – AME Conference

Sessions include:
  • How do I start a business?
  • Which business is right for my family?
  • What’s a girl to do?
  • The family working together
  • Business structure
  • The hot dog stand: My new corner office
  • What I wish I knew when I started
  • Hope for the future
  • Timeless principles to make any business succeed

Inspiring vision, practical insight, thoughtful application.